Tour Our Facility

Spacious climate controlled dog runs, as opposed to small and cramped crates, create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for your pet! Each animal at our facility receives individualized care and treatment to ensure a wonderful boarding experience!

We offer tours of our facility during business hours Monday through Saturday. No tours are given on Sundays, and during peak times around holidays when tours may have to be limited so it is best to call ahead.

Frances and Ruby enjoying their yellow suite

8 yellow suites, sizes 8×7

Ollie in his spacious Glass Suite (4×9)
with his own crate and toys

Bones is in the outside portion
of our Indoor/ Outdoor suite

Chloe in our Back Room

Individual cat condo with a
separate space for litter box
and another space for
playing, resting and eating

Daisy enjoying a Back Room Suite
around other dogs the same
size and energy level as her

Glass Suite

Chewy enjoying a Back Room Suite

Here’s Buster in another one of our Glass Suites with his own bed and toys