Pet Boarding Feeding and Medication Policy

EFFECTIVE September 1, 2019

Pet Food Policy

In efforts to be able to spend more time with our guests, we will no longer be accepting store bought bags of pet food or large food containers for our boarding guests. Due to growth of business and feeding instructions becoming more detailed oriented for each individual pet, we are running out of storage space and trying to cut down on the time spent fixing food.

Any pet arriving with its food from home will need to be prepackaged in individual Ziploc baggies by the meal. Please send two (2) additional Ziploc baggies in case their stay is extended or a bag is damaged. If your pet requires food that must be refrigerated, please send it in Ziploc baggies, cans or pre portioned containers. If food is brought in a large container or in the original bag of pet food, there will be a $1 charge per meal for us to individually bag your pet(s) food for their boarding stay. If someone other than the pet’s owner is dropping off please inform this person of our new feeding policy.

Pet Medication Policy

There is a $1 per medication per administration fee and we will now be charging for all “AS NEEDED” medications as well, regardless of if they are given or held. Medications are put into our system and we have a designated Kennel Technician that is assigned daily to administer and sign-off on medications. Since that person is taking the extra time to make a judgment call on as needed medications, we will be charging even if they aren’t administered.

Please note that any pet that requires daily medications should be given to us at check-in in their original prescribed pill bottles or in labelled pill containers. Also, please be aware that if you place medications in your pet(s) Ziploc baggies of food, there is no guarantee that your pet will take it when placed in their food bowl.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 770-266-6262 or at

Thank you all for entrusting us with your pets!