Pet Boarding

We know it can be stressful for you to leave your pet while you’re on vacation, away for work or whatever the cause may be. That’s why we make it our goal to have the best accommodations possible! Like a home away from home, we have large fully indoor suites as well as indoor/ outdoor suites that allow your pet to have access to a covered patio to lounge and enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the weather conditions.

For the cats, we have spacious cat condos with multi levels for them to jump and stretch out. Included in our standard boarding services all dogs receive at least 4 potty breaks off leash per day in one of our 5 fenced-in yards, meals given in stainless-steel bowls that we provide up to 3 times per day, and bedding upon request.

We provide boarding dogs Bil Jac Adult Formula dog food at no additional cost or you are welcome to send your dog’s own food from home. If your dog has allergies, eats a special diet or has a sensitive stomach we strongly recommend sending their food from home. All food coming from home needs to be sent in individual containers or baggies, by the meal. (If your pet(s) are boarding for an extended amount of time, please contact us for other ways of providing food). If your pet requires a certain type of dish like a slow feeder, please bring that!

Please click here to view our Pet Food & Medication Policy.

Our Boarding Spaces

Our indoor/ outdoor suites feature the dog’s own personal indoor space with room for a comfortable bed and access to their own covered 4×10 patio so they can relax and enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the weather. This is the ideal space for dogs that enjoy spending time outside and all the fun things going around them. The indoor space is climate controlled and a family of up to 3-4 dogs can stay together in these suites!
Our indoor suites are also climate controlled with plenty of room for a comfortable bed! Indoor suites vary in size depending on the number of pets in the same family staying together or depending on their size. If your pet enjoys their crate as a safe haven or a place to relax, our indoor spaces have plenty of room so you can bring them that extra little part of home and comfort. Indoor suites are often ideal for dogs that are naturally anxious, elderly dogs or breeds that have short noses and don’t handle the summer heat well (Bulldogs, Pekingese, French Bulldogs, etc.). Runs range in sizes from 3×3, 4×6, 4×8 and 8×8.
Our felines have their own condos in a separate room from the dogs’ boarding spaces. Their condos have multi-level platforms to encourage cats to jump, stretch and choose the perfect perch to curl up and rest upon. This room is also climate controlled and each condo has its own ventilation system in a separate part of the condo where the litter box is located. Cat condos can usually house up to two cats from the same family.

Additional Info

Check out pictures of our facility HERE! 

Playtime guarantees an additional 60 minutes outside in one of our grass fenced-in yards for individual or group play. This extra time on the playground is great for young puppies needing to advance their social skills, adult dogs that love to run and play in a pack, and even ones that like to play alone.

Nature trail walks are 20 minutes during a leash outing along one of our trails. Dogs that enjoy one-on-one human interaction and like to take their time exploring the outdoors love our trail walks!
Swimming trips last about 20 minutes and take place in our fully fenced in pond area. These trips can be individual or in a small group with other compatible dogs! This a great activity for dogs that love the water or ones that need low impact exercise as opposed to running and jumping. There is also a dock for the advanced swimmers to show off their skills if they please!
As part of our goals to offer the best accommodations for your pet, we like to keep owners in mind as well. Allow us to help alleviate some of your stress and come to you! We will safely transport your pet to and or from our resort. Please contact the office for additional information on this service such as, pricing and scheduling.

Monday – Friday

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(Closed for lunch from 12:30pm – 2:30pm)


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